Meet the team

Board of Directors

Miguel de Icaza

I'm Miguel de Icaza, co-founder and CTO of Xamarin and on the board of directors for the .NET Foundation. I have directed the Mono project since its creation in 2001 and oversaw the launches of Mono's desktop, server and mobile offerings at Novell from 2003-2011. Before Mono, I co-founded the GNOME project in 1997.

Scott Hunter

I'm Scott HunterI am a Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft on Visual Studio and .NET including .NET Core, .NET tooling, Languages, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and Web Tooling

Follow me on twitter: @coolcsh

Rachel Reese

I'm Rachel Reese, I am an evangelist, trainer, & community manager at I like: math, physics, F#, Xamarin, linguistics, organizing weird things, coding, and Oxford commas. I am: F# MVP, ASPInsider, software engineer, community enthusiast, a Rachii.

Follow me on twitter: @rachelreese

Our Team

Jon Galloway
I'm Jon Galloway, Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. I work closely with the board, advisory council, lawyers and the rest of the team co-ordinating day to day operations of the foundation and help set the direction for the future.
Robin Ginn

I'm Robin Ginn. In my day job I am a Director of Marketing in the Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft. In the .NET Foundation I give a voice to our people and projects, helping build community support for open source and open standards projects across the industry. I hold the pen.

Beth Massi

I'm Beth Massi, Company Secretary for the .NET Foundation and the .NET Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. I'm focusing on community engagement for the .NET Foundation including the infrastructure to support it.

Miklos Barkoczi

I'm Miklos Barkoczi, the Treasurer of the .NET Foundation. I'm the man with the check book. Be nice to me. What's twitter?

.NET Advisory Council

Shaun Walker (Chair)

Software Architect. Ex-Project leader for DotNetNuke open source product and ecosystem.

Dominick Baier

Project leader of the identity & access control libraries for .NET

Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

CTO of cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin Ltd.

Martin Woodward

Vice President of the .NET Foundation and a former Executive Director. Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

Sara Ford

Senior Product Manager at GitHub and prior to that the original Program Manager of CodePlex.

Immo Landwerth

Senior Engineer from Microsoft .NET Framework team helping lead open source initiatives.

Daniel Roth

Senior Engineer from Microsoft ASP.NET Framework team helping lead open source initiatives.

Bill Wagner

.NET Content Creator at Microsoft, Humanitarian Toolbox contributor, author and speaker for .NET technologies.

Oren Novotny

Principal Architect at BlueMetal, co-maintainer of Rx.NET and several other .NET OSS projects.

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