.NET Foundation Campaign: Frank Arkhurst Odoom

Coming from a continent with a high unemployment rate and little opportunities, i have been fortunate to build a career as a software consultant using .NET and other open-source technologies. My life changing experience with .NET and Open-Source has always encouraged me to give back to the community. I started Accra.Net meetup out of passion to reach out and educate people about .NET and how important it is to contribute to open-source development. I am an OSS Developer with several projects on Nuget and I love contributing to Microsoft open-source document. My goal is to help the foundation reach out to other communities where there is little .NET activity so we can grow this beautiful ecosystem.

Why I'm running

I am running for board member because i believe with my passion for open-source and a strong desire to reach out to underserved communities, I will be able to work with the board through the Project, Outreach, Sponsorship and Education committees to grow the adoption of .NET and open-source by bringing these communities to the attention of the foundation.

Experience with the Foundation

I am a .NET Foundation member, organizer of Accra.Net meetup, established through the foundation's sponsorship with over 1,232 members and growing. My passion for sharing knowledge led me to join the outreach committee, i was part of the early GitHub discussions to create the foundations virtual meetup group during the pandemic which became a useful tool for meetup organizers with little streaming knowledge to organize virtual meetups with a much global audience. Through the Virtual meetup I have been able t0 host Mads Togersen, Scott Hunter and Maria Nagagga in West-Africa. I also assisted in getting 2 prominent tech speakers from Africa for Dev around the sun, a 24-hour international fundraiser for Direct Relief, helping those affected most by COVID-19.

What are my goals for the .NET Foundation?

My goal for the Foundation is to help create a strong awareness and presence of Open-Source .NET Technology in underserved communities where .NET needs to be heard by channelling resources into outreach and educational projects that will increase the foundations membership, spring up more meetups and increase the adoption of open-source technology. One of my core focus will be to boost the adoption of .NET amongst start-ups, i believe when there is an increase in adoption of .NET in the start-up ecosystem the popularity and confidence in .NET will also be strong. I also intend to promote the work of the Foundation across these regions.

Contact Information

  • Twitter: @mr_odoom
  • Email: f.odoom@outlook.com