.NET Foundation Campaign: Beth Massi

Who is Beth?

Beth Massi is the Product Marketing Manager for the .NET Platform at Microsoft is being appointed to the Board of Directors.

Beth was part of the original team that got the .NET Foundation started back in 2014, and has been helping out behind the scenes ever since then in countless ways: coordinating our messaging, serving as the .NET Foundation secretary, organizing events like .NET Conf, the list goes on an on. Beth has a real passion for open source .NET, as anyone who talks to her about 30 seconds will attest. She's a team player, but not at all afraid to speak up when she disagrees. She brings so much into this role: all the context and history to understand the .NET Foundation's mission and potential, a huge passion to push it further, and all the organizational and communication skills to make it happen.


Read Beth's great story of the history of the .NET Foundation from her perspective: Building an Open Source .NET Foundation.

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