.NET Foundation Campaign: Claire Novotny

Photo of Claire Novotny

Why I'm Running

I am currently a member of the board and the Foundation's de facto CISO. I am also a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, and Chief Architect of DevOps & Modern Software at Insight. Over the past several years, I have served on the Foundation's Advisory Council and am the author and of its code signing service. I am passionate about helping projects succeed and am a big believer of secure, and fully automated DevOps. To that end, I run the Foundation's Azure DevOps org and have helped almost all of the current projects onboard with their build system and add code signing. I also helped the Foundation establish a partnership with DigiCert to enable these services.

I aim to continue to help projects with their DevSecOps needs, running and evolving the code signing services, and driving the growth of the .NET ecosystem.

My .NET Contributions

I am the author of, or maintainer of, many open source projects. Some of the better known:

I also speak at various conferences on topics including .NET Core, Code Signing, and Azure AD B2C.

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