.NET Foundation Campaign: Phil Haack

Why I'm Running

If elected, I promise world peace, unlimited ice cream, and three day weekends. Assuming I have any power to affect those three things.

For OSS to really thrive, it needs to move out from under Microsoft's shadow and be a truly community driven effort. The community includes other corporations who benefit from OSS, but haven't yet invested in it. While I appreciate Microsoft's enormous contributions to open source software, I'm running to help the .NET OSS community grow independently.

I say that as a former Microsoft employee who shipped some of the first supported OSS products at Microsoft, ASP.NET MVC and NuGet. NuGet in particular had a major impact on making OSS easier to publish and consume for .NET developers.

I also worked at GitHub, the largest open source code hosting platform in existence. GitHub is synonymous with open source. While there I was exposed to every open source community under the sun. I see how these communities compare and contrast with the .NET OSS community. I hope to help the .NET community adopt the best aspects and avoid the worst.

My .NET Contributions

  • NuGet - original Program Manager
  • ASP.NET MVC - original program manager
  • ReactiveUI - contributor
  • MonkeySpace and .NET Fringe - helped organize early iterations of these .NET OSS conferences

Contact Information