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Hello, I'm Sara Chipps and I'm an engineering manager at Stack Overflow, I co-founded Jewelbots and Girl Develop It, I've been building software for 18 years.

I cut my teeth on .NET and am now back in the community working at Stack. My first community event ever was the .NET launch in NYC in 2001; I remember thinking "Wow, developers kind of smell funny." Now I'm one of those grizzled developers, I try to smell okay.

I was an ASP.NET MVP for two years, I found a lot of welcoming faces down the road through Microsoft Code Camps and the budding OSS community surrounding .NET. Through the mentorship I gained in the .NET community I've been able to enjoy a career full of public learning, public speaking, and public making.

When I think of what I've seen in this community and how it has evolved over the past 17 years, it's incredible. From VB.NET and WebForms to C# and F# and now .NET Core; the languages and the framework have come so far.

Platform :musical_note:

As an .NET Foundation board member, I will focus on three questions:

What are we doing to bring .NET to the next generation of coders? When we think of ColdFusion and Flash we think of closed source platforms and older coders. In order to ensure .NET doesn't fall the way of forgotten frameworks we need to encourage the community to work with student coders and through mentorship and sponsorship promote them to .NET Contributors.

What are we doing to make sure OSS with .NET is sustainable? This is one of my favorite talks about how taxing open source work can be. In order to support a growing community independent of Microsoft we need to ensure that building OSS products and tools comes with a support system that makes it sustainable.

Are we offering the best tools and documentation, if not how do we get there? Both of the above points are moot if we aren't ensuring that .NET coders are working with best in class resources. Empowering working groups with the means to build, communicate, and promote their platforms is a top priority.

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