Why I'm Running

#DreamingIsBelieving continues… With this awesome nomination…

I am Dennie Declercq and a strong ally for inclusion and tech for people with disabilities. Have you ever considered that 1B people in the world have a disability? A disability that is visible or invisible. I am an advocate and strong ally for people with disabilities. I believe in digital inclusion in the broadest sense.

If something doesn't go right, go left! Think outside the box!

I have a background as a person with autism. I did it my way (the #DreamingIsBelieving way). At this time I am president of my own nonprofit DDSoft in Belgium, 2 years Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies and volunteer in a coaching center for people with a cognitive disability (Ithaka), and spoke at a lot of conferences from Sydney to Orlando.

... How far can the dream go?

My .NET Contributions

My biggest focus is telling the people at conferences about people with disabilities in the broadest sense. Talks as: "The Power of Inclusion", "Autism in Tech", "Making Accessible Apps in Xamarin" are just some of my success stories. I also work, engineer pure voluntary on accessible Xamarin Apps and just started to explore what AI can do for the better (life of people with disabilities). So to conclude, thought leadership, vision work and tech research for the people that need it most.


https://www.ddsoft.be/?page_id=31&lang=en https://accessibledreams.home.blog/ My story on Microsoft Humans of IT https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/humans-of-it-blog/guest-blog-my-story-of-living-with-autism-spectrum-disorder-in/ba-p/1369716

Contact Information

Twitter @DennieDeclercq FB: https://www.facebook.com/dennie.declercq LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennie-declercq-822086a2/