Why I'm Running

.NET is my passion. I love open source very much. I hope that the .NET ecosystem can flourish in the projects that people think about. I am a very enthusiastic and active member of the .NET community. I have been working in blogs, tweets, forums, conferences, user groups, video

I'm from China. I hope that the foundation members and board members can be distributed in many different countries, which is conducive to the development of the .NET ecosystem. We can interact locally and globally, bring great projects and innovative thinking from many countries to the ecosystem, and I am confident that we can ensure our life Jump, and our promotion of the community. I think we can move towards a diverse community, keep it inclusive, and encourage newcomers to contribute as early as possible.

My .NET Contributions

He is PMC member of dotnetcore Magicodes.IE and the PPMC for EasyAbp.

As a community contributor leading and creating the .NET JiNan community, serving developers and SMEs with 29 communities across the country through online and offline activities.

His passion on contributing to Open Source Community brought him to join the .NET Foundation to expand his participation in the .NET eco-system by sharing new ideas and technologies that Microsoft has to offer in a form of speaking, writing articles and contributing to OSS codebase. A few notable contributions to OSS include AutoWrapper, Microsoft docs, and more.

He has been an administrator for various local and online Tech Community Groups such as QQ and Blazor Community Group where he promotes and discuss new technologies to developers. He also founded the .NET organization where he regularly post articles related to new technologies,

He is an active in public speaker and write articles related to .NET and TypeScript, and translate various English blogs in Chinese format to expand .NET awareness to local developers.

He is very active on public speech, he has given a number of talks in areas such as JiNan、BeiJing over the past year, influencing thousands and thousands of people.

Contact Information