.NET Foundation Campaign: Jamie Howarth

Why I'm Running

I'm Jamie Howarth, an independent ASP.NET consultant, ASPInsider, speaker, author and mentor.

During COVID-19 I've also been the de-facto CTO for HelpYourHighStreet, and am currently the webmaster for the Jo Cox Foundation's Great Get Together, both of which have given me experience in working in a transparent and accountable way with nonprofit organisations.

I've been contributing to various .NET projects for just over 10 years, and I'm running for election because I'd like to see .NET be taught more in K-12 education. There's thousands of resources for Python, Java, and various other languages out there, and I'd like to see .NET-based technologies, especially given .NET Core's appeal as a cross-platform runtime, be taught more in education and academia.

As a mentor for Code First: Girls in the UK, I'm currently writing a C# syllabus to be taught to young women aged 11-18 in the UK, and if elected, I'd like to help support similar initiatives around the globe through the Foundation. I've also been attending regular meetings of the outreach committee since April, including taking minutes at those meetings.

I also co-organise the Canary Wharf .NET Meetup Group in London's financial district, focusing on fintech, blockchain and machine learning subjects.

My .NET Open Source Contributions

I've submitted various patches, pull requests & helped to improve & maintain various libraries/packages, including:

Contact Information