.NET Foundation Campaign: Rodrigo Díaz Concha

Why I'm Running

I'm running because I care about .NET, its present and its future. I'm entirely convinced that .NET is the best development platform to build any type of software solution. The involvement and opinion of the whole community are essential to guide this fabulous technology's development efforts.

I'm a .NET developer since the first beta of version 1.0 in 2001. I started with Visual Basic .NET and later adopted C# as a programming language to build business and enterprise applications. Nowadays, I architect and develop software solutions with .NET for different verticals (mainly Telemedicine and Retail); because of this, I consider that .NET and its future are transcendental to continue building software that improves people's lives.

I'm a Microsoft Regional Director, and for 12 consecutive years, I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP. It has been a long journey, but without a doubt, my professional success is primarily due to .NET.

I've been traveling around all Latin America for over a decade, and I know the pain points and struggles that Microsoft has gotten from the communities, businesses, and government institutions that don't consider .NET their first technology choice. I want to change over and strengthen the perception that .NET has amongst the developers: both newcomers and experienced.

One way to give back to the community is to help any developer who wishes to adopt .NET as a development platform. Also, collaborate with the other members of the Board of Directors to ensure our beloved technology keeps being polished and receives the love that it deserves.

My .NET Contributions

  • A frequent speaker around Latin America, the United States, and Europe speaking about .NET and Cloud Computing with Azure.
  • LinkedIn Learning author, for topics related to .NET and Azure.
  • My podcast "Interfaz Podcast" is a weekly podcast in the Spanish language (sometimes in the English language), about software architecture, development, new technologies, and soft skills, most of the time .NET technologies. After more than three years and 140+ episodes, it is listened to by thousands of people each month.
  • Author of the first books about Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Xamarin.Forms in the Spanish language.

Contact Information