.NET Foundation Campaign: David McCarter

David McCarter

What Excites Me About the Future of .NET Ecosystem

  • I'm 110% into the Microsoft eco system. It's easier to get different systems working together.
  • I've worked with many teams at Microsoft to make our world better! My favorite part of being in the Microsoft MVP program.
  • Microsoft embraces other ecosystems! Very exciting to me.

What Roll Can the .NET Foundation Can Play to Inspire Confidence in .NET?

  • Reach out to developers to embrace and stay in the .NET Eco system.
  • A non-Microsoft org can inspire developers and teams more in my mind. I listen my peers a lot more since they work in the real world every day, just like me.
  • Work with speakers, OSS developers, provide videos and even internet shows and podcasts.

How can the foundation Support OSS and Gain Credibility?

  • I've always been weary of OSS since it's not back by an organization. Create a way to ensure OSS projects on the foundation site adhere to a common set of standards to show confidence for teams to use OSS. With some type of award or recognition to ensure code bases do the following (minimum): Adheres to coding standards. Uses and passes code analytics. Very well documented. Benchmarked! How the OSS developers respond to issues.

What Can the Foundation do Around Education and Adoption of .NET?

  • Go into schools as low as middle school to inspire kids to get into software engineering.
  • Community events and better organization of all .NET events.
  • Education even teams at companies and focus on quality.

What Would I Do Right Away if I Was on the Board?

  • See how I can start or get involved in the board teaching topics to make OSS better quality and inspire confidence in it.
  • See how I can start or get involved in the board teaching to kids in middle school and high school. Maybe even reach out to continuing education/ retraining groups. Get them excited in learning software engineering including making it a career.

Contact Information

  • David McCarter: dotnetdave@live.com
  • Twitter: @realDotNetDave