.NET Foundation Campaign: Dixin Yan

Why I'm running

My name is Dixin. I have been a .NET enthusiast for over a decade. I worked for Microsoft as SDE for 6 years. And I have been .NET MVP 5 times. After promoting .NET for a long time, I believe the future of .NET needs a stronger foundation. .NET Foundation can do a lot of things, like events, training, certification, expanding support for projects, connecting people, etc. As a .NET MVP, my goals and actions are always aligned with .NET Foundation, I would like to contribute my time and experience to build a better .NET Foundation.


I contributed to .NET from both inside Microsoft and outside Microsoft, including .NET source contribution, hundreds of articles, a .NET book in progress, and other open source tools in the .NET ecosystem. My projects have about 2M downloads on NuGet.

I also have experience of working with other non-profit organizations, like Special Olympics, Seattle Seafair, etc., where I built experience of running a non-profit organization, organizing large events, diversity & inclusion, etc.

What are my goals for the .NET Foundation?

I would like to help build a stronger .NET Foundation, starting with better visibility. As I communicate with many developers, when they think about .NET, they think about Microsoft first. If they need info or resource about .NET, they go to Microsoft. We have a lot of room to improve our position and visibility. This goal is not "less Microsoft" but "more .NET Foundation". There are many possible ways:

  • Provide more useful and specific documentation, training material, project info, etc.;
  • Proactively reach out to developers of non-.NET tech communities, deliver the awesomeness of .NET to a broader audience.
  • Work with more enterprises and organizations, start-ups, etc., and build stronger connections and among projects, project contributors, project consumers for developer enablement, project promotion, and eventually the sustainable development of the ecosystem.

etc. These are the options in my mind and they require time and effort. If I can have the opportunity to work on them, I will take specific actions according to my assignment area and the resources available for us.

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