.NET Foundation Campaign: Mitchel Sellers

Why I'm running

I maintain a number of open source projects of all sizes so I am well aware of the needs of those that manage open source projects. In addition to the 20 or so projects that I am the lead maintainer I also serve as the technology group leader of the largest .NET CMS (DNN), which is also a member of the .NET Foundation. This experience of managing a large, active, project that is a member of the .NET Foundation provides me with unique insight to the .NET Foundation, operations, and how it can be further improved to help project organizers.

However great it is to be part of the .NET Foundation there are still many areas that can be vastly improved for project coordinators and the community. Having followed through since the initial contribution of a project to the .NET Foundation, to some legal questions along the way, and ongoing support I've seen many of these areas and have been trying to help improve the experience for others. I believe as a member of the .NET Foundation board I can be an advocate for the members of the .NET Foundation and help to build better processes to support and allow all member projects to prosper.

The .NET Foundation is a huge asset for members, but I don't believe it is easy for projects to understand everything that the foundation can do for them. A few examples of this include access to tools and asset control elements, such as domain registrations & hosting. The current processes are unclear at best and result in long timelines, which often will push a project to "do something on their own," this mixes the ownership of elements and can create more problems down the road. By improving the resources, communication, and documentation of what the .NET Foundation can do for an organization, we place not only the .NET Foundation in a better place to support the projects but also the projects will benefit from more clear benefits, processes, and procedures. Thus, achieving the common goal of having great projects and providing them the needed support for longevity.

In addition to the project-specific initiatives as an avid public speaker on all things .NET, I believe that my experience can improve the .NET Foundations support of teaching, events, etc.

Experience with the Foundation

I have been a member of the .NET Foundation since it was started, and participated in as many of the organization operations as possible. I am a leader of a large project within the foundation and continue to look for ways to get involved.

I find one of the biggest problems with the foundation today to be the ability to get involved. Communcation pathways are hard to follow and getting in to get your feet wet is mugh more difficult than it should be. I would love to help improve this process.

What are my goals for the .NET Foundation?

I have a number of goals for the .NET Foundation that I would love to help bring to realization. Some of these ideas include:

  • Improved messaging and information about HOW you can join/help/volunteer for the .NET Foundation and get involved.
  • Improved communciations with project leaders regarding best practices, how to manage projects, etc.
  • Helping to establish security and other standards recommendations for project leaders to improve the quality of all projects
  • To document and make readily available to project leaders the services of the .NET Foundation and how they can utilize those services, all in a self-service manner
  • To continue to improve the outreach of the fondation to gather support from corporations and others that benefit from Open Source to move them into a support role with the .NET Foundation. (Sponsorship, donated software, or similar)
  • To provide a mechanism for project leaders to request assistance from the greater .NET Foundation community when needed

I know that all of the above will take time to help pursue, but I'm willing to put in the effort to help make this happen.

Board Experience

I feel that is is also important to highlight my experience in working in an orgaization ad the board level. Not all individuals have the communication skills or experience to work effectivly within a board of directors. I have experience serving on multiple boards of organizations of various sizes and purposes. My most recent experiences include.

  • DMACC Alumni Association - Served on the board from 2011-2018, president from 2015-2018
  • DNN Association a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that hosts the annual DNN Summit Conference - Currently Treasurer, and responsible for speaker selection, joined on 2018
  • Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) a 501(c)7 not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the safety of flight/operation of Cirrus Aircraft - Currently Director of IT, responsible for IT Strategy, added to the board in 2018, volunteering since 2016

Working on these boards, I have interacted with many different groups of people helped to reach strategic goals both technically and otherwise. The experiences within each of these organizations have provided me unique experiences that have allowed me to develop effective communication skills working within these diverse organizations.

Contact Information