.NET Foundation Campaign: David Dieruf

Why I'm Running

I've been a part of the .NET community since I began as a developer. Mostly as a dark matter developer, not very engaged with anyone but spending intimate time with the documentation. Over the years it supported me through many different professions and personal projects. Then I moved to a career that had heavy focus on application containerization and was introduced to the vast world of Java. This really opened my eyes to the opportunities .NET has not yet been able to realize. I took it as a challenge to help make a difference and joined the SteelToe team as an advocate. It was so fun to be a part of something so successful and modern.

I took a step away from .NET (and application development) in 2021 to try a different interest - data. Specifically event streaming. As I get comfortable with these new concepts, frameworks, patterns, and best practices naturally I want to bring it back to my roots. I am running to be a board member as a way of coming back to the community but with a different perspective.

I have had a professional interest in the CNCF (thats the Linux foundation) and the Apache Foundation. Reflecting those perspectives back to the .NET foundation is quite an interesting exercise. Among other strengths I hope to bring some of the successful efforts I saw in those foundations to the .NET foundation.

The .NET runtime is a way of life for me. No, there are not as many helper libraries and connectors as other runtimes and yes, open source .NET has not been a smooth path. But we're doing it. And I hope to keep it up.

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