.NET Foundation Campaign: Gabriel Emmanuel

Why I'm running

Growing up as a Tech-enthusiast in Nigeria was difficult because there were no influences or mentors to point you in the right direction. Well, that changed a number of years later with a lot of people adopting tech in Nigeria. But then my goals, focus, and growth improved a lot�when I met Vincent who would mentor me and explain all that I would gain using Dotnet in whatever I needed to do. A couple of months in, I noticed a lack of communities and an obvious lack of mentors and individuals who would preach and teach dotnet. As a result, I decided to help fill that void by creating little communities of dotnet developers in Nigeria where we assist each other. I also joined a friend to create a book study where we discuss basic dotnet concepts so our viewers see how realistic and easy it is to work with dotnet technology.

I constantly find new ways to teach and mentor developers and enthusiasts and leveraging on the Foundation to reach existing developers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and others to see the benefit of the Dotnet ecosystem. As a member of the board and someone residing in a country with the potential of having a whole lot of future devs and entrepreneurs using Dotnet, It would be a source of inspiration for future generations to see what can be achieved in the dotnet ecosystem and I'll be able to impact more and more people.

My .NET Contributions

Application Developer As an application developer, I have built web applications using dotnet. I have primarily worked in business software in the finance marketplace, telecommunication, and education industries.

Technical Author I write content on my blog about dotnet concepts to help the community see things from my perspective, See here.

Community I contribute to the Dotnet community by co-hosting a book study on Youtube called the DotnetBookStudy and I mentor quite a number of tech enthusiasts, showing them what they stand to gain working in the Dotnet ecosystem.

Experience with the Foundation

My experience with the Foundation has been minimal. But I intend to be more involved as I had already reached out to the Outreach committee and am in contact to talk about what has been happening and how my experience could help in the future.

What are my goals for the .NET Foundation?

My goals are focused on outreach, education, and promoting .NET in the community. I would work with already existing processes and profer ways of improving or reaching more and more persons as I have a unique perspective of reaching new and enthusiastic persons. Subject to improvement, Something I am most enthusiastic about is meeting with high schoolers who are already playing with technology and showing them what can be achieved in the space is one aspect I would like to influence especially here in Nigeria.