by Nicole Miller

The results are in!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Board Election, but before we do, we have a bit of news to announce.

Rodney Littles has decided to resign from the Foundation. Rodney has been a board member and the chair for the Technical Steering Group for the past year. We wish him all the best as he refocuses on his personal life. The bylaws of the Foundation state that the existing board should appoint a replacement for his seat. We felt with the election taking place as he sent his resignation, it would be fitting for our community of members to have a say in that 4th seat.

The newly elected board seats will be filled by:

Mattias Karlsson

Frank Odoom

Rob Prouse

Javier Lozano (re-elected)

We understand there has been concern and conversations around the lack of gender and cultural diversity in the slate of candidates. There is work that needs to be done within ourselves and the .NET Community to be more inclusive without excluding the work of those that are trying to make a difference for everyone. That work will begin this week as the new board will meet with the existing board to start the hand-off process.

Thanks to everyone who was nominated, ran, and contributed to the success of this election!

by Nicole Miller

.NET Foundation Election 2021 is Here

We’re pleased to announce that the 2021 election process has begun!

The Nomination Committee has reviewed the candidates who submitted a nomination and came up with the following slate.

Here are the candidates for the 2021 .NET Foundation Board:

*current director seeking re-election

Today kicks off the campaign period. There are three open seats on the board that need to be chosen.

Voting begins on September 13th. The voting will be on OpaVote and members will receive a private link to vote before voting begins.

Members in good standing, with dues paid (or waived), are eligible to participate. You can check your membership status here The .NET Foundation Board is responsible for setting direction and executing our mission. The Foundation exists for you, so your participation is key!

by Nicole Miller

Here's a brief update from the .NET Foundation for August:

  • Board Elections are upcoming!

    • 2021 Board Election candidates will be announced on August 31st.
    • Voting period will begin on September 13th. All members will be notified by email when the voting period has opened.
  • Proposal Process has been announced within the Outreach committee.

  • New form links have been added for submitting news to share and your community events.

New Project announcement!

ASP.NET Boilerplate

ASP.NET Boilerplate is a general purpose application framework specially designed for new modern web applications. It uses already familiar tools and implements best practices around them to provide you a SOLID development experience. ASP.NET Boilerplate works with the latest ASP.NET Core & EF Core but also supports ASP.NET MVC 5.x & EF 6.x as well.


If you have something to add to next month's edition, please reach out to

Checkout the full Newsletter here

by Brian Jablonsky

The .NET Foundation's Education Committee is happy to announce that we're launching a new initiative called the .NET Foundation Academy. The .NET Foundation Academy is a program for higher education students to learn about software development using .NET. Students will develop a project from design to deployment while applying the tools, concepts, and processes desired by high-tech employers.

Fall 2021 Cohort - Full Stack Web Development

Our first curriculum is an online instructor-led technical curriculum focusing on full stack web development using the .NET Core framework. Students will work in teams on projects they propose, design, and implement. Our teachers supervise each team's work, provide feedback, introduce the software development life cycle and best practices, and perform code reviews. The course is a 12-week program consisting of a 2.5 hour online class with a mix of lecture and workshops each week. Students are expected to complete additional coding assignments and projects outside of class hours.

Are you a student interested in enrolling in our first course? Get more information about how to apply.

Are you an industry expert in .NET web development and interested in helping out? Found out how to join the education committee.

Brian Jablonsky
.NET Foundation Education Committee

by Iris Classon

.NET Foundation Election 2021 Nominations are Open!

It's that time of the year again, dear friends - nominations are now open for the 2021 .NET Foundation Election! On behalf of the Board and Nomination Committee, we would like to welcome all of you to participate in whatever way you can: by applying as a candidate yourself, suggesting somebody else, or simply preparing to vote and help spread the word.

As a board member, you get to influence and shape the future of one of the biggest platforms there is—.NET—and everything it entails. You won't be doing this alone. You'll be working side by side with other passionate souls on the board, committees, TSG, Microsoft, community members, and more. You can review the expectations for board members here.

We've made a few changes over the years as we've learned and grown with the community's help, and last year we started with a staggered election to avoid swapping out everybody on the board. Therefore, this year we'll select three new board members this time around, for a period of 1 or 2 years. We also decided to introduce a Nomination Committee to help with the process and narrow down the final list of candidates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Nomination Committee, as we are here to help. As a reminder, the Nomination Committee members have volunteered their time and are not current board members or candidates.

The nomination period closes on July 23rd.