Upcoming events for March 2022

by Nicole Miller

Event Reminder

.NET BEYOND is happening on March 30-31, 2022!

VMWare NET Beyond

Are there any boundaries to what you can build with .NET? Not really! Join us for two full days on Twitch or YouTube as we look at how some of the smartest voices in the .NET community are using it to develop for the enterprise—and at scale.

No matter where you fit in the .NET spectrum, you’re guaranteed to pick up something you haven’t learned yet.

All proceeds from sponsorships of the event will be going to GirlsWhoCode!

Join the .NET Foundation's sponsor Volosoft for their next Youtube Live Community Talk on April 7th!

Volosoft Community Talks

In this episode of the ABP Community Talks, Halil İbrahim Kalkan, Jon Galloway, Lee Richardson and Anto Subash will talk and discuss Domain-Driven Design, the open-source EventHub reference DDD solution and the new book Mastering ABP Framework. The event will be streamed live on Volosoft's YouTube channel.