Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations
The purpose of this page is to outline the responsibilities of board members and committee chairs and estimated time one needs to spend volunteering for the .NET Foundation.


As a board member, you play a crucial role in shaping the direction and initiatives of the .NET Foundation. Your expertise, insights, and commitment will contribute significantly to the success of our mission. To ensure clarity and alignment, I would like to outline some key roles and responsibilities expected of you:

  1. Leadership and Organization: This involves setting goals, defining objectives, and establishing a clear agenda for the board/committee's work. 
  2. Sponsorship and Fundraising: Contribute to sponsorship efforts by leveraging our network to identify potential sponsors and secure financial support for the foundation's initiatives. Work to develop sponsorship packages, cultivate relationships with sponsors, and maximize revenue opportunities.
  3. Decision Making: They will help the committee reach consensus or make informed decisions and process the results to gain full board approval when necessary. 
  4. Communication and Reporting: Serve as point of contact between the committee and Board. They may be responsible for providing regular updates and reports on the committee's activities and progress.
  5. Committee Member Engagement: Foster a positive and inclusive environment within the committee, encouraging active participation from all members. Delegate tasks or responsibilities to individual members, monitor progress, and provide guidance and support. 
  6. Liaison and Collaboration: Collaborate with other committees, individuals, or external organizations in the .NET Community. Represent the Foundation in meetings or events to ensure effective communication and collaboration with relevant parties.
  7. Planning and Evaluation: Develop a strategic plan and set realistic goals. They may also monitor and evaluate the committee's progress towards these goals, making adjustments or recommendations as necessary.
  8. Compliance and Governance: Ensure that the committee's activities align with the Foundation’s policies and bylaws. They may also be responsible for managing the committee's meetings and resources.
  9. Mentorship and Development: As a leader, they would provide guidance and support to committee members. They may help develop the skills and knowledge of individual members, encourage professional growth, and facilitate a positive learning environment.

The Committee Chair & Board Member will be the primary responsible parties with backup/support from the Community Manager. These items are being listed with the understanding that the responsible role within the Foundation is a volunteer position. 

With the hope to clear up some of the questions around the duties and responsibilities within our committees, this document lays out the duties of care. Some of these are required under our bylaws for reporting purposes, some are for housekeeping within the organization’s space. 

Committees (Chair/Board Member)

  • GitHub Repository for Committee - owner

    • Update ReadMe with goals of committee, ways to engage volunteers, how to join meetings/discussions.

    • Primary contact for the Issues/Pull Requests created by Members or Volunteers

    • Closing of prior issues, reopening new if relevant

    • Discussions, Actions, Projects (closing or updating as relevant to committee)

    • Update the Wiki on Repo with expectations, working items, documentation area for meeting items.

  • Meeting Manager  

    • Maintain the Calendar invite for the Teams Meetings

    • Create an Agenda - Issue on GitHub, invite others to collaborate on items to address or concerns from the community.

    • Presenting during the meeting

    • Publishing of Minutes - Issue on GitHub & email follow up with tasks/to-dos, follow ups for those that could not attend (Important as we encourage other time zones to collaborate

  • Participation in All Members Townhall & Board Meetings (As ongoing guidance in the operations of the organization)

  • Website Maintenance (Sitefinity)

    • Owner/Editor of pages associated with committee.

    • Update with goals of committee and ways to engage volunteers.

  • Discord

    • Channel/Discussion Moderator

  • DNF Email Account (Committee Alias)

    • Respond to requests received.

    • Forward items as needed to the Contact email for addressing.

Committee Specific Responsibilities

Project Committee 

  • Support requests for existing projects - (Maintainers Subcommittee)

    • Projects submit an issue that will be vetted by Ops Manager

    • Oversee that requests are processed in turnaround time and how they are progressing through the escalation workflow

      • Support requests that require financial backing, or escalation will be taken to Exec Committee, Board then Treasurer (If financial) and followed up within 4 weeks of request

      • Support requests that require additional resources, will be followed up by Board Member & Operations Manager

  • New Project Applications

    • Onboarding

Membership Committee

  • Approval of New Members from Membership Request form with Committee

  • Registering of the new member in Github, Mailchimp (as Member), Member voting roster, confirm on Discord/Slack members only section

  • Maintainer of the Membership roster - updating as new members are added (Election voting roster that will be used in OpaVote yearly)   

  • .NET Foundation ‘Champions’ Program

    • Currently in development phase

Outreach Committee 

  • Building of collaboration of the Chapters’ activities - (across time zones)

  • Event Planning

  • Meetup Network Management

  • Virtual User Group Submissions contact

Executive Committee -

Board President/Vice President/Senior Board Members Chairs
  • Board Meeting Management: Agenda, Calendar Invite, Teams Chats, Meeting Notes/Minutes and progress follow ups.

  • Sponsorship Activities

  • Leadership and Mentorship