Nomination Committee


The Nomination Committee has the responsibility of narrowing down all the nominations to join the Board of Directors down to a select number for .NET Foundation Members to vote on as the "Slate" of candidates.

This year the committee has been designed to have representatives of someone departing the Board of Directors, active members of the committees, on-going board members and a sponsor representative. These are people who are passionate about the .NET Foundation but are also aware of the challenges faced and experience required to be a successful member of the Board of Directors.

Our Team

Javier Lozano

Javier Lozano

Twitter |  LinkedIn

  • Chair of the Sponsorship Committee
  • Current Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Departing Board Member


Poornima Nayar


  • Member of the Outreach Committee
  • .NET Foundation Member
Jessica White

Jessica White

Mastodon | LinkedIn

  • Chair of the Membership Committee
  • Current Member of the Board of Directors


Howard van Rooijen


  • Sponsor Representative

Joseph Guadagno

Twitter | LinkedIn

  • Chair of the Outreach Committee
  • Current Member of the Board of Directors
  • Current Vice Chair of the Board of Directors