Steeltoe - Microservices Patterns for .NET


The software world is moving to microservices. For all their benefits, microservice architectures expose many distributed computing problems that developers need to solve--problems like service discovery, shared configuration, distributed tracing, etc. The good news is that Netflix, Spring Cloud, and others have developed industry standard patterns to simplify the task of building resilient scale-out microservice-based applications. Until very recently, however, this technology has really only been accessible to Java devs. Steeltoe is a new OSS project that makes these patterns available to .NET developers.

This presentation will provide an overview of Steeltoe and why it was created.  Content will cover current capabilities, future roadmap, and of course, demos that show how it works.

twitter: @steeltoeoss

Speakers Zach Brown works at Pivotal Software as a customer-facing product owner for Steeltoe and the Pivotal Cloud Foundry application platform. Based in San Francisco, Zach gathers input from Pivotal’s customers, then works with R&D teams to prioritize backlogs and roadmaps.

Matthew Horan has spent over a decade developing Web applications. Before becoming a developer, he worked as a systems administrator at various startups and hosting providers. Having worked with just about every configuration management tool, and being a developer by trade, he was naturally drawn to Cloud Foundry. He has focused on .NET due to a desire to bring the best practices of Pivotal's Cloud Foundry platform to a wider audience.

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual. Check the Meetup site for details!

Group Name: New York ALT.NET Software Development Group

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 03:30:00 PM