.NET Foundation Budget

The .NET Foundation is a 501c6 non-profit, registered in the state of Washington. It operates on a fiscal year starting on July 1 and ending on June 30. The Foundation has two main sources of income: corporate sponsors and individual members.

Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)

FY22 is a year in which the foundation continues to build a financial model that relies on a broader representation of corporate sponsors dedicated to cultivating and supporting the .net developer community. Whereas for many years financial support came largely from Microsoft, the Foundation’s income is becoming much more diverse. Our corporate sponsors donated a total of $130,000 and we received over $20,000 in member dues.  These amounts did not cover the Foundations expenses, and the difference was made up by the Foundation’s financial reserves.

The Outreach committee is responsible for funding community activities, and its single current expense (Advertising/Marketing) is for the Meetup Pro network. The network covers 283 groups in 55 countries containing a total of over 336,000 members.

Next, Management Fees covers our administrative costs, which include professional services provided by Virtual Inc. such as part-time Executive Director support, financial support, coordinating meetings, publishing minutes, and streamlining our membership and sponsor systems. This fee also supports our Community Manager who maintains communications and community engagement. 

Meanwhile Legal/Accounting fees pay for lawyers and accountants, supporting our legal needs and tax preparation services. Legal support is a large portion of the .NET Foundation's expenses as we deal with issues that come up project-by-project, including project relicensing, and project ownership. It also covers operational issues, including bylaw and policy updates, and reviewing agreements.

Online Service and Subscription expenses cover Discourse, MailChimp, and other smaller expenses. 


   July 2021 - June 2022
 Member dues  
  Corp. Memberships $6,000
  Individual Memberships $21,804
 Total Member Dues $27,804
  Contributions $130,000
 Total Income $157,804
Operations & Management Support  
 Advertising/Marketing $30,404
 Management Fees + Community Mgr. $155,217
 Online Services & Subscriptions  
  AppVeyor $354
  Discourse.org $2,640
  GitHub.com $0
  MailChimp $4,536
  Microsoft $797
  Other $6,344
 Total Online Services & Subscriptions $14,671
 Legal / Accounting Fees $24,999
Outreach  $75,515
Committees and Sponsorships $0
General & Administrative $6,070
Total Expense  $306,875
Net Income  ($149,071)



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