Alessandro Melchiori

Alessandro Melchiori

Software craftsman, husband, father, ex-sportsman and inquiring reader. Since I was young I have loved taking apart and reassembling things to understand how they work. Now, this passion has become my job: the step from Lego to software development was small.

Software Architect and co-founder of CodicePlastico

Finding the best possible solution so that a complex system can work at its best and making it run smoothly are the goals of my work. C#, WCF, ESB, MongoDb and Azure make up my survival toolkit and help me cruise through distributed systems and enterprise solutions, with ease.

Be it a command or an event, I try to do my best in contributing to the life of the communities that have adopted me, trying to "give back" at least a part of what I have received over these years.

Brescia, Italy
English, Italian

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