Asbjørn Ulsberg

Asbjørn Ulsberg


Hi, I'm Asbjørn Ulsberg and I've been programming professionally for 20 years

and as a hobby for more than 30. I have a passion for software architecture and

spend a lot of time thinking about modeling and naming things. The web has

always been close to my heart, so I spend time in IETF and W3C working groups to

make it better. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and

daughter as well as participating in the

demoscene and making music with my

alter ego Bitbear. I love creativity and continuous

improvement, which are two of the driving forces that get me out of the bed

every morning.


I've been working as a backend developer, frontend developer, CTO and architect,

in all sorts of programming languages, ranging from Visual Basic to C, Perl,

Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript, Bash, etc. I therefore consider myself

polyglot and "full-stack", whatever that means. I enjoy all parts of

development, appreciate most programming languages and find the freedom to use

the right tool for the job a liberating, creative and rewarding experience.

* C#, JavaScript, Ruby

* REST, HTTP, distributed systems

* Modeling, Domain-driven design


* API Change Strategy

* [REST State Machine



* The REST And Then Some, presented at Nordic

APIs Platform Summit 2016.

* From Source To Production With Ease, presented

at DevOps Pro 2018.

* [Compositional UIs With Hosted Views and

Hypermedia](, presented at Nordic APIs Platform

Summit 2018.

* Evolving compositional user interfaces,

presented at NDC Oslo 2019.

* What's Your Problem?, presented at Nordic APIs

Platform Summit 2019.

* What's In A Model?, presented at Øredev 2019.


* GitVersion, Easy [Semantic

Versioning]( for projects using Git.

* Hydra, a hypermedia format for APIs.

*, a .NET

implementation of JSON-LD.

Oslo, Norway
English, Norwegian

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