Bruno Capuano

Bruno Capuano

Hi, my name is Bruno Capuano, and you can find me by [***elbruno***] on most of the usual places: twitter, linkedin, facebook, this blog and more. Please do not get discourage by some of the search results, I'll try to have fun and share knowledge with technical communities.

I'm also a technology enthusiast (I don't really understand the meaning of this, but it seems to look cool in a short description). I've speak in at least 2 different countries, so I'm an also an international speaker.

!Sharing my drawing skills at Microsoft Ignite

Sharing my drawing skills at Microsoft Ignite, also talking about Computer Vision and AI.

I've been a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, since 2008. The past 3 years I was awarded in the Artificial Intelligence category.

I lead the ***Innovation Team for Avanade Canada***, which means I spend much part of my time trying to figure our the best way to connect real Business with cool technologies, and engaging my colleagues to perform smart and fun activities like participate in hackathons, coordinate hackathons and Innovation Contests, support tech meetings, and more!

Because I am the father the greatest kids on the earth, I developed a passion to run (to run a lot!); and I like to make things, to challenge myself and to improve and to learn new stuff all the time.

***My formal bio is here***

>> LinkedIn profile,

Burlington, Canada
English, Spanish

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