Bryn Lewis

Bryn Lewis

I'm a Microsoft MVP, maker, husband & father of two. I build stuff, break stuff & make up for a lack of talent with persistence.

My specialist area is "Life beyond the Edge"

When the device has kilobytes not gigabytes of RAM, kilohertz not gigahertz of clock speed, and kilobits not gigabits of bandwidth.

When the battery might have to last for years and solar power is a bonus.

When the device can only send a couple of messages a day, and your ability to send messages to the device is limited

When the device might never get updated and there are definitely no Containers or patch Tuesday.

I get these tiny devices to "play nice" with Azure over wireless technolgies like LoRa, LoRaWAN and other proprietary protocols.

I also work with the little .Net platforms like the nanoFramework which is now a .NET foundation member, the TinyCLR from GHI Electronics and the Meadow from Wilderness labs.

I have a sideline in shifting "legacy to the cloud" mid 90's tech like MSMQ, Classic ASP, COM+, and C++ interop.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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