C. Augusto Proiete

C. Augusto Proiete

Augusto is extremely passionate about software development and the developer community, contributes to open-source projects and speaks at technology conferences/meetups worldwide.

By day, he works as a Senior Lead Software Engineer for a leading diversified Reinsurer, developing a cloud-based insurance and reinsurance risk transfer and collateral management platform.

Currently based in Bermuda, he _literally_ lives in paradise and, at the same time, is only a couple of hours' flight away from most cities in the East Coast of the US including New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, which he visits often.

Before relocating to Bermuda, Augusto lived in Portugal for several years where he co-founded the .NET user group "_NetPonto_" which has been successfully bringing together .NET developers across the country since 2009 with regular monthly events in different cities including Lisbon, Oporto, and Coimbra.

Nowadays, he's bootstrapping the Bermuda Software Engineers meetup, helping to build a community of like-minded developers on the island that shares knowledge and collaborates on interesting and fun open-source projects.

He's a Microsoft MVP and ASP Insider, and his main topics for speaking in 2020-2021 include:

  • Software architecture and patterns for the Cloud
  • Building distributed systems using C# .NET
  • Extending Excel using C# .NET with custom functions, and custom UI's
  • Systems integration using .NET, Rust, Python, and other technologies
  • Continuous Integration, build, test and delivery
  • Mastering Source Control workflows using Git
  • Software development in .NET 5, .NET Core, Blazor, and ASP .NET

... and more.

You can contact him on Twitter @augustoproiete or [email protected]

Hamilton, Bermuda
English, Portuguese

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