Carl Sargunar

Carl Sargunar (he/him)

Hey, friends 👋🙂

During the pandemic I found myself stuck without motivation or drive to learn anything new or create anything and that really hit home for me about a year ago - when I found myself at a low point personally and professionally - stuck without being able to move forward. I decided to start writing articles on online magazines, start learning new tech, and made a conscious decision to grow, and have been speaking at meetups and conferences for about a year now, building as much as I can.

I've been in web and application development from the early days of .NET - starting when 1.1 was released and using every version professionally since - focusing on predominantly web and cloud technology but with a bit of application and mobile development thrown in. I aspire to be the proverbial swiss army knife that Scott Hanselman uses as an example in his talks - good at one thing, but with a lot of other areas of experience.

I know I am not the finished article, but I also know that nobody is - and I've been driving myself to be more involved in open source projects and mentoring where I can in an effort to get closer to that goal. If I can help a few people come along that journey with me, or if I can learn from a few people on the same journey then all the better ❤

Bristol, United Kingdom

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