Daniele Bochicchio

Daniele Bochicchio

I am Chief Digital Officer for iCubed, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, currently living in Milan, Italy.

We help customers build fantastic and innovative applications, drive the digital transformation of their business, thought cloud, web, mobile, and new technologies. I'm also responsible for the learning division, thanks to my 20 years of expertise in this area.

I'm **Microsoft Regional Director**, helping customers to be in touch with Microsoft, and **Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2002**.

In 1998 I founded and I'm currently serving as network manager for, the largest Italian dev community, counting about 70,000 users. I'm publishing code since 1998 with open source license, driving the Microsoft ecosystem in Italy to exchange more broadly.

I'm a well-known professional author with 30 published books, and a speaker at the main developer-focused events worldwide.

I'm the organizer of CommunityDays, the most important community conference in Italy, with 1,000+ participants every year.

I'm very passionate about design and home automation.

Milan, Italy
English, Italian

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