Ercin Dedeoglu

Ercin Dedeoglu

I am passionate about solving problems and developing products in order to make people's lives easier. I am digging devices with more than 17 years’ experience producing code to a consistently high standard. I am constantly honing my skills within the web development arena, and apply my knowledge to implement a range of practical solutions with the utmost efficiency. I possess a proven track record of developing applications and am taking a serious role that will utilize and expand on these skills.

I have developed a robust background in Info Technology. Consequently, I have developed effective quantitative skills and a practical understanding of the fundamental principles and conceptions associated with Information Technology. Reflecting on my Software Architect experience within the Information Technology field, it is at this point in my career I am seeking to chase a long-term personal and professional target of a challenging opportunity as a Software Architect within a notorious organization. I do not have any language and technology addiction. I have developed software in many areas such as aviation, banking, education, security and embedded systems.

Istanbul, Turkey
English, Turkish

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