François Raminosona

François Raminosona (he/him)

Hi 👋

I'm told that I'm good at making people interested, especially when I speak about my favorite topics... Whether it is mobile technologies, C# in general, tips and tricks to be efficient when coding or even just talking about my many professional (mis)adventures.

I am always happy to help and sharing knowledge and experience has helped me, so I want to give back.

It's like when you fork a GitHub repo and improve its content... The minimum would be to give back in a PR... Well, I've forked my mentor's knowledge, built a few things upon it and it's time to give back.

For my experience, I :

  • am a former Microsoft MVP,
  • am a former Startup CTO in Toronto
  • have participated to more than 20 Hackathons as participant (Won 5), coach and sometimes jury
  • have worked in 10+ IT companies
  • have worked with bots, matching apps, social media management apps... many different types of projects. Currently in the medical field.

> François Raminosona,

Stavanger, Norway
English, French

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