Jim Wilcox

Jim Wilcox

As a lifetime coder, delivery team technical leader, and trusted software industry-insider, Jim knows how to apply technology for your success, especially in the Microsoft tools space. Jim Wilcox is a front-to-back, edge-to-edge (full-stack, versatile role) software architect & engineering crafts-person.

With a lifetime passion for his craft, and 25+ years of professional success on ever-new turf, Jim's technical vision, sharing of experience, and hands-on example inspires his teams to deliver value through software solutions, every time. He's been entrusted with the flowing lifeblood of Trillions of dollars in business at rates "in excess of Gigs per second", delivered with fidelity. Jim is known in the community as "The Granite State Hacker" for his home state (New Hampshire) pride and for doing what it takes to bring the love.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and reach out to me for help with software development projects.

Rochester, United States

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