Jonathan Mezach

Jonathan Mezach

I'm a Solution Architect at R&R WFM, a company that delivers a SaaS application for retail companies to effectively and cost-efficiently plan their staff. Our customers include some of the largest supermarkets in The Netherlands such as Jumbo and Plus, but we are also expanding into Europe with customers such as Edeka. In my role I focus on providing the best possible development experience to our development teams so that they can effectively deliver value to our customers. That includes, but is not limited to, practices, tools, CI/CD and infrastructure.

I have previously been consulting for various organizations in The Netherlands working and have a lot of experience with .NET. I've also spoken at a couple of conferences including Microsoft TechDays and Techorama NL as well as various meetups and smaller events. I have a passion for helping other people learn new technologies and succeed in their work.

Deventer, Netherlands
Dutch, English

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