Lance McCarthy

Lance McCarthy

Lance McCarthy, a Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development, is an exceptional community leader with an acute expertise for all things .NET and C# (especially on the XAML stack) as well as HoloLens/Mixed Reality applications. He is very helpful online, guiding and answering questions from Microsoft developers on Twitter as @lancewmccarthy and blogs at He organizes & hosts events in the Boston area such as user group nights, mini-code camps and full hackathons.

During the day, Lance is Manager Technical Support at Progress Software. Where he supports developers with their Windows, Mac, Web, Xamarin and VR/AR application development using the Telerik and Kendo dev tools.

On the side, Lance spent a few years writing blog content for Microsoft Windows Dev team on the official Windows Development Blogs and their Medium channels under the pseudonyms Windows Apps Team and Windows UI Team. Creating developer resources (tutorials, sample source code, tips of the week, etc.) and helping the developer community in any way possible. He also helped the Microsoft Windows Development team at several Microsoft Build events, creating written and video content with the content creation teams.

Previously, Lance worked for Nokia and Microsoft as a Developer Ambassador, where he sought out and engaged developers through outreach programs and provides them with technical support and resources to make them successful on the Windows platforms.

Lance was a guest Assistant Professor at Harvard University, helping students build, market and publish successful Windows Phone apps. He still occasionally is a guest speaker at Boston University lecturing on Windows and cloud development.

He has also appeared on many podcasts, streams, video series as a guest, has been a technical editor for publications and books, has won many hackathons, and is a published developer with over a million downloads in the Microsoft Store.

Boston, United States

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