Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis is the founder and CEO of IntelliTect, an innovative software architecture and development consulting firm based in Spokane, Washington. At any given time, Mark leads his successful company while flying all over the world for speaking engagements on behalf of Microsoft or other clients. He continually delivers conference sessions on leadership or technology, is updating the next edition of his book or is crafting his next technical article or blog.

A world-class C# expert, Mark has been a Microsoft Regional Director since 2007 and a Microsoft MVP for twenty-five years. He is also an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University, a regular speaker at developer conferences around the world, and has written numerous articles and books, including the seventh edition of Essential C# 8.0, which due out in the fall of 2020. A firm believer in autonomy, mastery, and purpose, Mark's unmatched management and leadership style enables him to successfully handle a day with only 24 hours in it.

Mark and his wife, Elisabeth, have invested a significant amount of the profit generated by IntelliTect into fighting debilitating poverty around the world and in Spokane, Washington. They have done this by thoughtfully partnering with charity organizations to increase access to basic food and water infrastructure, and improve educational opportunities, as well as fight injustices like human trafficking and the systematic oppression of women.

Mark lives with his wife Elisabeth and three children, Benjamin, Hanna, and Abigail, in Spokane, Washington. When not bonding with his computer, Mark enjoys soccer, hiking, and showing his kids real life in other countries. He is looking forward to finding his next adventure.

Spokane, United States

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