Martin Zikmund

Martin Zikmund

**Hello friends 👋 !**

I'm **Martin**, and I am a freelance mobile and cloud developer by day and open source contributor by night (or morning)!

I love **C# and XAML** and am a big fan of **UWP**. Because of that, I contribute to **Uno Platform** all the time to help to make the dream of fully cross-platform app development in my favorite programming languages a reality!

Whenever I am discover something fun or exciting, I share it with others **on my blog** about various topics, including UWP, Uno Platform, Xamarin, Azure and more.

I also love to help developers by answering questions **on Stack Overflow**. It is a great challenge and source of further exploration and learning.

Finally, I have recently started doing **live coding** on Twitch. I'm a beginner, but it is fun, and I will keep on doing it!

Prague, Czech Republic
Czech, English

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