I have over 13+ years of experience in software development and of which I have spent over 10 years in Microsoft. My responsibilities in my current job involves designing/architecting, leading, developing and delivering large enterprise solutions. I am hands-on with coding and I develop and design solutions. I have expertise on a wide array of Microsoft technologies including .NET,.NET Core, Azure, Windows, etc. I have been designing, developing and delivering large scale enterprise solutions in Microsoft technologies.

Apart from this, I am also passionate to share my knowledge and experience with the community by writing books, articles, conducting technical sessions and speaking in conferences. I have written three technical books on .NET Core and Visual Studio Extensibility (, (, ( I have conducted talks, sessions, and workshops both inside as well as outside Microsoft and have spoken in prestigious global conferences like C# Corner Virtual .NET Conference. I enjoy learning new things and sharing it with the wider community. Being an avid learner, working and coding each day, I would love to deepen my knowledge and understanding and share my learning journey by contributing to the communities. "Sharing is learning, because if you can't explain well enough, you probably don't know it well enough" - I strongly believe this philosophy

Hyderabad, India
English, Hindi

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