Sebastien Bovo

Sebastien Bovo

Sebastien Bovo has been working with Microsoft Premier customers focusing on debugging and development technologies: For 6 years in the Developers Support area, he focused on .NET C#, ASP.NET, IIS; Then, during 4 years as an Application Development Manager he was managing the technical relationship with one of the largest bank in France.

Since 2012, Sebastien works as a Customer Engineer and he is member of the worldwide Windows AppConsult Team dedicated to the Windows Enterprise Developer product group. He creates Proof of Concepts, debug code, provide knowledge transfers and workshops to developers. He is proud to speak at sessions in like TechDays, Microsoft Experiences, Microsoft Tech Summit, TechFest in Czech Republic, Windows Dev Insider Tour in Dublin, Barcelona, BUILD 2018/2019, Ignite 2019.

His everyday life is to help customers, partners and developers in developing Windows, Holographics and Cloud applications: He loves sharing my experience and knowledge to others and make them better!

Paris, France
English, French

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