Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy (he/him)

It took a long time, but "typed raw SQL" is now emerging as a method for relational data access for applications. The approach, based obviously on SQL, is characterised by two things: SQL must exist as a top level language in the host application (SQL errors must be compile errors), and data types from the DB must flow seamlessly into the application.

In a rivetting presentation with live coding, I will present the approach, various implementations for typescript, scala and Go, before presenting my own implementation for .net and C#, QueryFirst. QueryFirst supports SQL Server, Postgres and MySql, and is distributed as an extension for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and as a multi-platform .net global tool.

This is not rocket science, but it's an innovation of immediate practical relevance to lots of developers, and the presentation has never failed to generate interest. It's also a standout story of .net community open source and the multi-platform capability of .net 5.

Lyon, France
English, French

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