Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson

Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson

Hi friends!

I have been a professional programmer for 19 years, although I did write my first BASIC program on an old Amstrad CPC 464 way back in 1986. I'm currently a technical lead in Engineering at CCP Games in my native Iceland where I've worked for over 10 years, working on anything from an in-house billing system to the high-traffic EVE Online SSO. I have a lot of experience with systems that require attention to details and have high customer impact.

I'm also a member of the .NET Foundation, and I specializes in all things .NET with a focus on performance, security, and analytics/telemetry.

When I'm not working, I enjoy time with my family, training Judo and the occasional beer when meeting fellow developers.

Reykjavík, Iceland

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