Udokaku Ugochukwu

Udokaku Ugochukwu

Udokaku Ugochukwu pronounced as uh-duo-kah-kuh , is a python developer a from Imo, Nigeria.

She is a conscientious lady building a career in Data Science, the current serving Vice President of the National Association Of Computer Science Students, Nekede, Owerri, where she plays a huge role of growing and improving the schools' technology group.She is also the co-lead of the TechCommunity in Fedponek, Owerri, an open source contributor with Wikimedia(Pywikibot), Ushahidi, Layer5.

She is a passionate about getting people started with Open Source contributions and a strong advocate of introducing people and helping people start a career in technology, especially wome

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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