Alberto Diaz Martin

A professional with 15 years of experience in the IT Industry, all of them working with Microsoft Technologies. His principal activities are Development and Solution Analysts on his first years and as Team Leader and Solution Architect on the last 6 years. Currently Chief Technology Innovation Officer in ENCAMINA, leading the Innovation Process, the Microsoft technology software development and member of the management board.

For the Spanish Community, he works as organizer and speaker in the most important Microsoft technologies conferences which he is one of the most important leaders. Author of several books and articles in professional magazine, from 2013 he began a new career as co-director of CompartiMOSS, a Microsoft technologies magazine.

Microsoft Regional Director since 2020 and Microsoft MVP since 2011. He defined himself as a innovation geek, smartphones lover and software solution developer. For the community, has founded TenerifeDev ( with other friends, a technical community in Tenerife, coordinator at SUGES (SharePoint Users Group on Spain, and coordinator of CrossDvlup, a technology community around development in Spain

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