Eran Stiller

My name is Eran Stiller. I’m the CTO and Co-Founder of CodeValue, a software services company based in Israel. As CodeValue’s CTO, I design, implement, and review various software solutions across multiple business domains. With many years of experience in software development and architecture and a track record of public speaking and community contribution, I am recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director (MRD) since 2018 and as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Microsoft Azure since 2016.

I practice software architecture at various clients daily, reviewing many designs in many professional fields. As CTO, I am also in charge of learning and promoting the usage of various innovative technology platforms throughout CodeValue’s projects and customer solutions. I am also highly experienced in technologically leading, architecting, and developing software infrastructures of different abstraction levels, ranging from low-level application frameworks up to fully-fledged distributed system hosts.

I instruct various software courses and workshops, and I am a frequent public speaker at various local & international events on topics I find especially interesting. Furthermore, I am the founder of Azure Israel, which meets every once in a while to discuss all things related to Microsoft Azure.

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