Jamie Taylor

Jamie is a .NET Developer with 11 years of commercial experience of building applications. He has worked in:

  • WinForms
  • ASP .NET
  • Entity Framework
  • WebAPI
  • MVC
  • nTier and Onion architecture
  • Migrating Monoliths to Microservices

He started tinkering with computers when he was 6 years old - he has written about this experience over at the Waffling Taylors. He has been building applications, games, and websites ever since. He likes to experiment with technologies at the bleeding edge - something he showed off when he gave talks on Blazor during it's public preview.

A life long learner, he has tried his hand at C# (his language of choice), low level C, Python, Node, and TypeScript. He plays bass guitar, and speaks Japanese.

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