Lee Richardson (he/him)

Lee is a prolific writer, speaker, and video producer on .Net and open source topics. He has published over 100 posts to his personal blog (https://www.leerichardson.com) that have received more than half a million views since 2007. His "Code Hour" YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/leerichardson200) has attracted over 1,000 subscribers who have collectively consumed over 7 thousand hours of his content. StackOverflow ranks him as a top 2% contributor. He has published 25 articles to CodeProject with an average article rating of 4.96/5. Throughout his 20 year software development consulting career in the DC area he has spoken scores of times at code camps, conferences, and user groups. He created the Siren of Shame (https://sirenofshame.com), and is a Solution Samurai at InfernoRed (http://infernoredtech.com). When not coding he enjoys running, mountain biking, smoking brisket, electronics, 3D printing, and woodworking. He is active on twitter where you can reach him @lprichar (https://twitter.com/lprichar).

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