Mitchel Sellers

I have been speaking on technology topics for more than 15 years, having presented more than 400 sessions in that time. I try and specialize in delivering new technology topics with a practical implementation so that attendees are able to use the things they learn in a session right away, rather than speaking in more generalities that are harder to implement.

I have been a Microsoft MVP for 12 years and am also an ASPInsider.

Speaking History

My website lists some of my speaking history, however, most of my speaking has been on .NET topics including .NET Core, Entity Framework, ASP.NET and associated technologies. However, I can tailor a session to meet the needs of your particular group if needed.


Assuming no restrictions from COVID-19 or otherwise, I am available to travel within the USA at no cost for a number of events each year, assuming a nearby airport is available. (Does not need to be a major airport, as I fly myself).

Virtual Events

I also have experience with virtual events and can be available on very flexible schedules to accommodate sessions in pretty much any timezone world wide.

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