Welcome to the .NET Foundation Blog

July 3, 2023 by Khalid Abuhakmeh

An essential part of the .NET Foundation's mission is to help the .NET community stay informed about projects and events that involve our project members. Additionally, we view this blog as an opportunity for our members to share what they are excited about, from blog posts to online videos and upcoming events. The blog aims to give readers a unique perspective on everything .NET from the viewpoint of the community, project maintainers, and .NET Foundation members. If that interests you, please keep returning for the latest news, commentary, and events.

For folks interested in contributing to the .NET Foundation blog, there are several ways to get involved. After all, the .NET Foundation is a volunteer organization that thrives on generous donations of time and effort from existing and future members. Here's how you can get involved today:

  1. Share content you see on the .NET Foundation blog with coworkers and friends. Sharing is caring, and we appreciate your help in growing our community.
  2.  If you are a content creator, we'll happily share your existing content with our community of readers. Head to our content repository at https://github.com/dotnet-foundation/content and file an issue. Moderators ultimately decide which shared content to publish.
  3.  Get involved with the marketing committee and pick up volunteer writing tasks. Hundreds of projects within the .NET Foundation need your skills in the form of blog posts. Do you have a favorite project in the Foundation that needs more love? Well, here's your chance to help!
  4. Help proofread technical content for accuracy and straightforward narrative. Whether you're just starting your writing journey or are a veteran, your feedback can help increase the quality of posts here.

With your help, we hope to have at least 1 to 2 exciting posts here a week, just enough to keep you coming back for more. If you think of other ways to help, please share them in our GitHub discussions. 

Thank you to the .NET Community for supporting this new channel for sharing tried-and-true solutions, experimenting with new ideas, and generally being awesome. We hope to see you here soon.